Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Design

Isn't it funny how things happen when you most need them? For example, I took some time to decide if I really wanted to keep blogging (yep) and if so, then how I wanted to change my site (better photos, more info, more posts, cleaner site). Meanwhile, my friend Rachel, posted about a photography class she will be taking (me too!) and that she was a winner at a photography blog. Turns out that blog (thepapermama) is having a giveaway for a free blog design (whoo hoo!) Yep, sign me up, I need that. My head needs a break from banging the wall due to html code knots. So cross your fingers I win!

While you are waiting for a prettier blog and photos from me I will keep posting. In the paper yesterday was an article on this company, Bon Appetit, and their challenge to eat local. We have an eat local week here in town and I buy local when I can but this got me thinking of entire dinners that I could prepare from locally sourced ingredients. Obviously, we here in the northwest don't grow much grain, although we do have a local flour mill. But I need to cut back on the carbs anyway. I can get salmon, chicken, beef, pork, eggs, greens, apples...well you get my drift. And the family brought back mountain blueberries from their hike so I have those. I am hoping to visit the farmer's market on Saturday and I have a scrumptious menu planned for you. Stay tuned!

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Erin said...

I was wondering the other day if you still had your blog! I forgot to ask you and then ha, up pops your FB post! I look forward to following you :-)