Why Homemade Baby Food

Several things caused me to make my own baby food. I had met a fabulous "mom" friend - you know that first friend you meet through your new baby who inspires you because she is such an amazing mom - and she was talking about making her own baby food. I am lazy and in our household my husband does all the grocery shopping. I was breastfeeding so by default I was in charge of my baby's food but I didn't want to make an extra trip to the grocery store. At the same time, I tasted commercial baby food and thought it did not taste the same as what I was eating, and so I wondered why (or when) my child would eat the food I ate if her first foods tasted so different.

Since making my first child's baby food, our family has eaten better, my babies are eating fresh, whole foods and they are eating what we are eating. This makes the transition to the family meal easy. We are eating together so there is no precedent for younger kids to demand something different. I hope that serving delicious, whole, healthy foods from the beginning will influence my babies to make those same choices in their food when they are on their own.