Monday, September 6, 2010

Carrots et al.

Lots of new news at my blog...

I prepared baby Charlie's first month of solid food - which is what I have been posting about. Well, now Charlie is about finished with it and in this month he has learned to eat and loves it! So I made him carrots, broccoli, peas and more butternut squash. Super easy: I just steamed a bag of frozen broccoli and pureed that, boiled a bag of frozen peas and pureed that, boiled a bag of little carrots and pureed that, and prepared another butternut squashed as posted before. I wasn't particularly careful on the pureeing because Charlie is ready for chunkier foods. I got to feed him his first carrots and he loved them! I knew he would (wink, wink).

I was asked recently about beets and carrots for babies. You may have heard not to feed your baby homemade carrots or beets due to the risk of nitrate poisoning or Blue Baby Syndrome as it is sometimes called. Root vegetables concentrate nitrates more than other veggies. However, that risk is null - nitrate poisoning in babies is most often traced back to well water. Here is the literature and cited studies. Babies with undeveloped gut flora, younger than three months, could be affected by nitrates in root vegetables but if you are feeding your three month old solid food - we've got bigger problems!

Side note: Whenever I have a question about a particular baby food or a breastfeeding issue I search the web for published, peer-reviewed studies for my answers. Look for reputable journals, in our case Pediatrics, where the study was reviewed by other medical professionals before being published. Turns out Blue Baby Syndrome is linked to formula made with contaminated well water, not home grown carrots.

I will begin teaching a breastfeeding class, Breastfeeding For New Parents! The first class will be Thursday, October 21 from 6 to 9 pm. This class is for pregnant moms, who want to nurse their infant(s) and their partners. I will cover latching, the first few weeks, breastfeeding holds, life as a nursing mom, breastfeeding challenges, baby wearing, working while breastfeeding, and weaning. Please email me at to sign-up.

I have been inspired by several blogs including my friend, Rachel's (Charlie's mom), so I will be revamping my blog content. You won't hear from me as I change my blog and prepare for my breastfeeding class. While I am gone check out these amazing blogs: Dinner: A Love Story, Orangette, Everyday Food, and of course my friend Rachel's (which has nothing to do with making baby food because I do that for her, but her content is great and hilarious!)

Happy Eating!

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