My Classes

Homemade Baby Food:
I believe in cooking for the entire family, using whole, healthy, delicious ingredients. Please join me in learning how to prepare quick, satisfying meals that include purees for infants, finger foods for toddlers and yummy dishes for big kids. This cooking class will cover infant nutrition, food transition from purees to finger foods, menu planning, food allergies, signing for food and how to create a happy, healthy eater. Also, included are recipes from first purees to finger foods. Please email me for questions or to sign up.

Breastfeeding For New Parents:
Whether you are hoping to breastfeed for a few months or planning on nursing for three years, this class will cover all you need to know to achieve your breastfeeding goals. Learn about latching, nursing the first week, milk supply, baby-wearing, different nursing holds, challenges and life as a breastfeeding mom. Please email me for questions or to sign up.