Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sweet and Sour

I love grapefruit! The color - pinky orange is my favorite. The taste - cold from the fridge with sweet and sour tones. Yum. Both girls like it too. We eat halves for breakfast and I section it for salads. (My favorite drink right now is a salty dog - grapefruit and vodka with a salted rim!) But that isn't appropriate for a baby food blog and really not what this posting is about. I like to digress if you haven't noticed...
This post is about changing my blog look yet again. I haven't liked the look of my blog and that caused me to lose interest in it. However, I had some time this morning so I decided to find a template I liked and change it in simple ways (that I could manage) into something I actually wanted to view! So we are going simple with the template and since I have (my husband's) fancy-dancy camera, I will just upload photos of what we are eating! How pretty that could be! Sometimes brilliant ideas fight their way through the mess in my head - ha ha!
So here is my attempt at a pretty grapefruit. Stick with me on this, as I use the camera my photos will get better - I promise! In the mean time, feed your peeps some grapefruit.

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Rachel said...

looking forward to seeing more pics of food, as if your blog doesn't make me hungry enough!