Thursday, April 15, 2010


I took a dinner to a friend who just had a baby. She was so perfect, just quietly sleeping in her bassinet. I don't remember mine ever doing that at 2 weeks; but, I was in a hormone fog for about 6 weeks postpartum. It might have been pleasant and I wouldn't remember!

Anyway, I dropped off the dinner and drove away thinking...OMG, what if they found one of my hairs in the food...what if the chicken wasn't cooked through...I forgot to tell her that I cooked the rice in coconut milk - what if they are allergic to coconuts...what if...what if...what if... I really need to get a grip because several hours later she emailed me to ask for the recipe it was so yummy!

So here is my yummy postpartum dinner for Aimee and Eric. It is a favorite in our house and very easy and quick to make. Don't forget to pull your hair back before you start cooking!

Sauteed Chicken with Peppers and Coconut Rice from Real Simple Magazine

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monica said...

You crack me up?! I think of the same things when I cook for people...yummy recipe. I will add it to our menus! Love ya!!!