Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sinus Death

I have been so sick with a sinus infection, I thought I had been posting! Yes, Mom, I finally got antibiotics this morning so hopefully my sinuses (and the rest of my head) will clear.

The good news is that I have two great recipes for you. I visited my sister recently and we made the best grilled cheese - we added very thinly sliced apples in between the cheese. It was fabulous. I tried to make one for my hubby today and he looked at me like I was trying to serve him fried crickets. Oh well, his loss. The apples add a touch of sweetness if you use gala with sharp cheddar or tart if you use granny smith with mild cheddar; either way, delicious.

For dinner tonight, how about fish sticks - homemade of course!
Serve with steamed broccoli and orange slices.

6 months and older
Steam broccoli crowns until tender. Puree with cooking water for a smooth, creamy consistency.

10 months and older
Let baby try some small steamed broccoli crowns as a new finger food. Flake the cooked fish for baby as well.

12 months and older
Serve the steamed broccoli, peeled orange slices, and fish chunks on a plastic plate and let baby go to town. Baby can have fun seeing what tastes good in the tarter sauce and/or ketchup.

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Rachel said...

The grilled cheese sounds delish and reminds me of the quesadillas at Chevy's that have grilled chicken, brie, sliced tart apples and some carmelized onions. They are scrumptious. And I'm glad you got some antibiotics!