Monday, March 8, 2010

Dinner Tonight...while mommy is gone

I was gone this past weekend for my birthday. It was fabulous, I went on a quilting retreat with my sister. So my husband had the girls for four dinners all by himself! I did some grocery shopping for him ahead of time, roasted a chicken the night before, and had two simple recipes for him to cook (Red Bean and Quinoa Chili from Feeding the Whole Family and Chicken Couscous from Food Made Fast). However, he got off easy. His mom dropped me off at the airport and took the girls back to her place, so she made them all dinner that night. The babysitter fixed dinner the second night. Then my family was invited to a spontaneous playdate and dinner the third night. Finally, grandma had them over again for the last night. So if you find yourself in a bind for dinner, call on a friend or relative. And if you have extras or know a family in need (of food or an insanity break) call them up and have them over. Thank you to all the friends and family that helped. But I ask you, does it really count if he didn't have to cook???

Dinner Tonight...
I thought of this menu because you may have all the ingredients at home and if not, it cooks up so easy you would have time before hand to pick up what you need from the grocery store.

6 months and older
Steam fresh or frozen peas. For new eaters puree peas with cooking water until smooth. For older eaters, puree, mash or chop as needed. Adults can eat pureed peas too! If not, just add some butter, salt and pepper.

10 months and older
Fruit Salad
Wash, peel and chop whatever fruit you have on hand. For example, bananas, pears and melons. Serve with plain yogurt for babies who can eat dairy and add a little honey for everyone over one year.

Spicy Apricot-Glazed Chicken
This chicken cooks up really moist so it is a good recipe for first time chicken eaters. You can omit the red pepper flakes if you want, but my girls love the hint of spice.

Happy Eating!


Quilted For You Colorado said...

Hi Shannon, I'm glad I got to spend the weekend with you! Isn't it funny that when dad is home with the kids, there are always invitations that help. But mom gets to go it alone. Oh well!

monica said...

I am constantly amazed at my big sister... she makes it seem so easy! What incredibly good advice and recipes you post and blog!!!
Thank you for the inspiration!!