Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Last night we had tacos, which I have already blogged about here. Tonight I am using the leftover meat for chili. Get it chili...chilly...cold outside. I guess it's not that funny if I need to explain it. Okay, moving on. is not my favorite but some people in our house like it and so like the good mommy/wifey I am, I found a recipe that I think is yummy. This is easy to make from scratch according to the recipe; but I will modify it below for you if you are using leftover taco meat like me.

In step one, just saute the carrots and pepper because your taco meat already has a sauteed onion in it. Next add the leftover meat and cook until heated through. I added beans to our meat last night and the meat is already seasoned so I just need to add water and simmer until the vegetables are tender. Ta-da! How easy is that?! Then stir in the corn and serve with cheddar, a green salad and cornbread.

This is a perfect dish for babies who are eating finger foods. Also, this is a good introduction to ground beef. When my girls were ready for meat I started with white fish, then grilled chicken, and then ground beef. Just give them a little of it - maybe a tablespoon or two with a veggie and fruit. Don't overwhelm their system with meat and beans at first.

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