Monday, June 21, 2010

Food To Go

That was a great dinner and it didn't take long at all! Yeah! It was breaded tilapia, spinach salad, orange salad and foccacia. (I know, the bread doesn't look that appetizing; but it was homemade so it was delicious!). I got the tilapia fillets in the frozen food section of Trader Joe's. They are really good and you can flake them into small pieces for beginning finger food eaters. The spinach salad was just spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers tossed with basalmic viniagrette. The orange salad was sectioned oranges and pepitas drizzled with honey. I like pepita (or pumkin) seeds for babies. They aren't very hard like nuts so you can try them a little early if baby does well with finger foods. Sectioned oranges are great for first finger food babies because they can pick them up, and without the pith they are easy to chew. If you wanted to include a new eater in this meal you could give them creamed spinach - cooked spinach with baby's milk blended in. Enjoy!

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