Sunday, April 29, 2012

Plastic free...

I think elementary kids are the best - they are potty-trained, they don't need naps, they aren't fighting with hormones, and they are interested in most everything. I helped out at my daughter's elementary school science fair and one project that stuck with me was on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The Pacific Ocean currents have collected floating garbage into a mass twice the size of Texas that just floats around in the middle of the ocean. Ugh! At the same time, I received an email message from the Northwest Clean Air Agency which offered alternatives to plastic. It directed me to a website which discusses how to store fruits and veggies without using plastic. I have been wondering how to do this because we get an organic bin once a week and I have no idea what to do with the more fragile items like celery and lettuce when I don't have a Ziploc on hand. (Also, I have such guilt when I do break out the Ziploc...) I found some very useful tips, although still for lettuce I have had the most success cleaning it, tearing it into bite size pieces, and keeping it in a salad spinner. Here is to less plastic bags and more healthy fish!

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