Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New Resolution

I usually don't make resolutions but this Christmas break we all became bored and cranky. Then I read somewhere (I can't remember where because I read everything all the time - ask my hubby, it drives him nuts) that kids need 1 hour of exercise a day. That is a lot! That might cut into their quiet time - ha ha! I think we were bored and cranky because I wasn't running them everyday. So my goal this year is to get them out for an hour on the days that they don't have school. Sunday, Jan 1 we all went to the park and rode bikes around the lake. Monday, Jan 2 (no school) we went swimming, along with half the county.. Saturday, Bailey has a ski lesson (I have an evil plan to get everyone skiing so we can go on ski vacations for Christmas instead of presents...) and Clare has swim lessons so I am good for a week! Try it - you might have happy, tired kids who go HAPPILY TO BED EARLY!

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