Monday, September 26, 2011

More Things to do with Zucchini

We are overrun with zukes at our house, that must mean it is summer, although summer arrived so so so late this year it is in September. Anyway, I am always looking for things to do with all the zucchini that people give us. In fact, I don't bother growing it we are gifted so much. So here are two more uses for it:

1. Shred it for taco toppings - we all loved it on our tacos instead of lettuce!

2. Make this amazing Zucchini and Walnut Bread. I made the bread and it turned out perfect the first time. The second time I made cupcakes with it and they were just as yummy, and I can throw one in a kid's lunch! The recipe came from Relish Magazine; they featured a new cookbook out called The Feast Nearby. I am on the wait list for it at the library and will let you know what I think.


mel... said...

When I was home, we made a recipe out of Clean Eating mag that had zukes cut in half lengthwise and the seeds scooped out to make "boats." You fill them with a somewhat precooked mix of mushroom, garlic, bread crumbs, and such, then throw the "boats" in the oven for a bit to finish cooking. I'll have to try to find the recipe, but I'm guessing you can kinda wing something.

Laurel Hamilton said...

What a great idea to use as sub for lettuce on tacos. Going to give it a try!