Friday, May 27, 2011

Ski to Sea

Memorial Day weekend in Bellingham is always huge because it is Ski to Sea, our annual relay race. This year B'ham is celebrating 100 years of racing. My husband is competing in the mountain biking leg and my good friend Rachel's husband (well, Chris is my friend too, I gave him a cool bottle opener!) is competing in the road bike leg. Our neighbor has organized two teams, one which our boys are on and so I am hosting the after party - for 40 people! I told my hubby that next year I would race and he could babysit, ferry racers and prep a meal for 40 - ha!

I decided to serve burgers (that way I can get the hubbies to help), potato chips and watermelon. Then I thought I had better serve some sort of side salad and came up with this last night, inspired by a recipe from our organic bin. So Happy Memorial Day everyone!!! See you on the other side...

Shan's Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Yummy Hamburger Side Salad

1 head of cabbage, shredded
2-3 bundles of radishes, cleaned, tops and tails removed and sliced very thin
1 bundle of cilantro, cleaned and chopped
balsamic vinaigrette (I am addicted to Trader Joe's BV dressing)
ground cumin

Mix 2 teaspoons ground cumin with 1/2 cup balsamic vinaigrette.
Mix the cabbage, radishes and cilantro together, then toss with the dressing.

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rachel said...

Sounds Yum! Can't wait to head up to see you!