Monday, January 17, 2011

Did you miss it?

Did you miss the Caring For Your New Baby resource fair at the Food Co-op on Saturday? It was fantastic and for a moment I wanted another baby just to try the new ideas/resources/classes/gear I learned about (but then I remembered that I like my sleep-filled life - ha ha). Below are the presenters and their contact info, I hope you find something useful, I know I did.

Mary Burgess, CBE, doula:
Deborah Craig, CBE, Breastfeeding Instructor:
Lisa Tenney, Infant Massage class:
Brian Mulligan, Conscious Fathering class:
Michelle Bottoroff, cloth diapering:
Charlotte Davis, Mom and Baby Yoga class:
Laurie Gray, Baby Wearing:
Me, Homemade Baby Food and Breastfeeding classes:

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