Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mommy, I AM STARVING!!!!!

My husband is gone this week for business and somehow I have to figure it all out by myself. Getting dinner on the table will be the worst. That is the witching hour when both girls want my attention and what makes it truly terrible is that swim lessons end at 4:30 on Mondays. The three of us will be coming home tomorrow wet and hungry at dinnertime. I have been thinking all week about meals I can throw together quickly with ingredients in the pantry; I can't really pick up pizza every night! So this is what I have come up with...

Sunday night: I made spaghetti sauce tonight served over whole grain noodles, with peas, and pear slices. (I had frozen meatballs so I used those instead of the ground turkey.)

Monday night: We are having spaghetti again! Ha ha! But this time I will serve it with a garbanzo bean spinach salad (steamed Brussels sprouts for Clare, she can't chew greens very well yet), and corn.

Tuesday night: Saved by dinner at Grandma's!

Wednesday night: Cynthia Lair in Feeding the Whole Family has a delicious, easy, quick recipe called Red Bean and Quinoa Chili. I have made it twice and both times, both girls asked for seconds! I think I will serve applesauce and cornbread on the side.

Thursday night: It is "mommy happy hour" where my girlfriends and I get together with all our kids, feed them pizza and let them wear each other out. (I have to get pizza in there somewhere, right?)

Friday night: Pasta salad. I cook up pasta and then reheat whatever is in the fridge, toss it all together with a balsamic vinaigrette and serve with some bread.

So nothing fancy; I just try to provide a protein, a whole-grain, a vegetable and a fruit at dinner, or at least three of the four! I have started keeping canned crushed tomatoes on hand for spaghetti sauce, frozen veggies that I can throw in the microwave, canned beans for a protein in salads, and potatoes. If I preheat the oven immediately when I get home, I can usually bake some potatoes to fill out the meal by the time everything else is prepared. Our favorite is yams. I like mine mixed with oatmeal, butter and brown sugar the next morning! Happy cooking!


Rachel said...

I think if you lived closer to me I would cook more. How do you feel about moving to Tacoma? xoxo

MJL said...

Can I fly home for dinner Weds (it's my fav) - then maybe sneak in a MTB ride, then somehow make it back to the Bake for day 4 of the classes?

PS - please dont approve this for posting... I just wanted to show that I actually do read this from time to time....