Sunday, September 20, 2009

Comfort Food

We went to a lovely wedding yesterday (Congratulations to Cousin Ole and Jenn!); I didn't know what food would be served and so I needed to pack something for the girls just in case. You know, in case they go from happy to starving in a nanosecond and I need to shove something in their mouths before they start screaming (the 11-month old) or having a tantrum (the 5-year-old) and clear the place of revelers. That got me thinking of what I call "Comfort Food" because I feel a measure of comfort knowing I have something to stave off crying children. These are snacks I can carry in the diaper bag for the day without fear of spoilage. And so I thought I would share some of my comfort food ideas with you. And if it saves you from passenger death glares on your next airplane ride, you can thank me later.

6 months
individually packaged applesauce (I like the Santa Cruz Organic brand)
bananas (peel and mash to serve)
avocados (peel and mash to serve)

7 to 9 months
same as above plus
frozen blueberries
cooked carrot sticks (chop to serve)
raisins (cut these in half so they get digested)

9 to 12 months
same as above plus
cheese sticks (cut up to serve if needed)
grapes (cut up to serve)
canned beans (black, kidney or great northern)

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